About Us

Classically Educated with a Modern Flair

Chef Nick is a Culinary Institute of America graduate who minored in Farm-To-Table cooking. From his travels to Dallas, California and as far as Italy, Nick has been inspired to create honest and good tasting food as fresh as if it was just picked from the farm. He has truly brought a new flair to Mahopac, NY.   

Seasonal, Fresh, Handcrafted

Nick's Plate offers a variety of food made fresh and by hand every day. Chef Nick utilizes fruits and vegetables when they are in season and at their peak flavor. Some cheeses in house are locally sourced from NY cheese makers using cows raised and fed in NY state. So even when a product is not made in house it's at least sourced responsibly and sustainably. 

Something For Everyone

" People always ask me, Nick when are you going to cook for me? So Nick's Plate is all about me cooking for you." - Chef Nick

Nick's Plate caters to everyone. This is Nick's vision of how a nice and enjoyable meal should be and is more than accommodating for any dietary restriction. Even if the menu does not suit your needs, Nick is willing to build you a plate that is just right for you.